John Cage International Symposium

Thursday, September 13 & Friday, September 14, 2012Fundación Proa Auditorium
Avenida Pedro de Mendoza 1929
Buenos Aires, Argentina


Special guests
Branden W. Joseph, Henning Lohner, James Pritchett, Luis Chitarroni, Pablo Gianera, Hugo PetruschanskyDirector: Martín Bauer
Coordinator: Pablo GianeraFundación Proa and Teatro Colón / Colón Contemporáneo announce a symposium to be held on the occasion of the Tribute to John Cage. On the 100th anniversary of his birth. The encounter deepens on his work and legacy and invites personalities from the arts and theory fields covering the different aspects of Cage’s life and work.Conferences
Branden Joseph: HPSCHD in retrospective
Henning Lohner: John Cage and the visual music
James Pritchett: John Cage, composer
Luis Chitarroni: John Cage and Literature
Pablo Gianera: The recovery of the natural beauty in John Cage’s art
Hugo Petruschansky: John Cage and Marcel Duchamp within a historical context

Thanks to the support of the Teatro Colón / Colón Contemporáneo and Tenaris, the limited-capacity symposium will be free of charge.

Film program: September 13–22
John Cage. Dir. Klaus Wildenhahn (1965)
one11 and 103. Dir. Henning Lohner (1991–92)
Chessfilnoise. Dir. Henning Lohner (1988)
Cage/Cunningham. Dir. Elliot Caplan (1991)
The Collaborators – Cage, Cunningham, Rauschenberg. Produced by KETC-TV (1987)
Variations V. Dir. Stan Van der Beek (1965)

Concert: Saturday, September 22
4’33” Music for solo piano
Sixty years after its release, Fundación Proa presents the most emblematic work of John Cage: 4’33”. Performed by Lucas Urdampilleta

The programming is subject to modification.

John cage


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