Lips Painted Red: Strategies to Create and Maintain Female Identities & Teresa Burga 22 June–15 September 2013


Penelope Slinger, Giving You Lip, 1973. Photographic collage.© Riflemaker, London and the artist.

«Lips Painted Red is a project examining how female identities are created and maintained as daily routines, as experiments with personal or social lifestyles, as consequences of discomfort with gender expectations or with gender displacement. It examines these strategies through a variety of artists’ approaches—male and female, transgender, and of several generations—and through texts written by scholars for the forthcoming catalogue.» [In e-Flux]

22 June–15 September 2013

Trondheim kunstmuseum
TKM Bispegata
Bispegata 7b
7013 Trondheim, Norway



About Sónia Pina

Investigadora em Filosofia da Comunicação, New-media, Old-media, Ontologias digitais, Fluxus, Visualismo, Info-estética (protocolos visuais da comunicação), Intermedialidades na arte;

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