«I invented in it all, in the hope it would console me, help me to go on, allow me think of myself as somewhere on a road, moving, between a beginning and an end, gaining ground, losing ground, getting lost, but somehow on the long making headway. All lies.»


Samuel Beckett


Sónia Pina holds a high degree in Philosophy – Educational Area (UC), a post-degree in Communication and Law (UC), a post-degree frequency in Portuguese Contemporary Culture (IC), a master degree in Communication Sciences, Contemporary Culture and Technology (UNL), and, she is conducting the 3rd cycle of doctoral program studies in Communication, Visual Arts, Avant-garde Arts and Meta-curatorial Practices (UNL). She is developing an applied research about the Legacy of Fluxus-art in Portugal, focusing interactivity, intermediality, intertextuality, digital poetics and immersive processes of cognition; writes about art exhibitions; develops a co-curatorial activity; has several publications and collaborates with digital magazines in the areas of queer-performance, semiotic, intermedia-arts and communication.

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