Created in 1983 by a group of lecturers of the Department of Social Communication of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, five years after the first academic degree in Social Communication was created in Portugal, the Research Centre on Communication and Languages – CECL – was the first research centre in Communication Sciences in Portugal.

Throughout its 27 years of history, CECL has been developing its activities closely following the mutations that have been affecting communication sciences, associated to the radical transformations suffered by the contemporary global media landscape.

Maintaining excellent relations with similar research units, both national and international, the particularity of CECL lies in the way it can articulate, in a transdisciplinary approach, studies in classic media, new media and network culture. Focused on the relational and dynamic communicational paradigm, CECL has developed several projects in cultural and visual studies, institutional and strategic communication, network culture, cyberculture, cinema and documentary.

We welcome proposals of new projects from senior and junior researchers and will aid in applications for mobility grants to researchers seeking to work in Portugal.

Our main sources of funding are currently the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and the Portuguese Ministry of Culture (DGArtes).

The main objectives of CECL are the following:

  • To contribute for the development of scientific research in Communication Sciences, through individual and collective projects.
  • To support and develop the scientific activities of the Department of Communication Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
  • To integrate and train young researchers in Master, PhD or Post-PhD programs.
  • To promote national and international scientific relations, particularly through partnerships.
  • To promote the publication of scientific work.

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